Dott. Alessandro Landi
Specialista in Neurochirurgia e Chirurgia Spinale
tel +39 329 0641772- +39 3921259198

Curriculum Vitae

Dott. Alessandro Landi​

Specialista in neurochirurgia e
chirurgia vertebrale
Consulente del Comando Generale dell'Arma dei Carabinieri
Board certified European Spine Surgeon 
Università di Roma “Sapienza” Policlinico “Umberto I”
Dipartimento di Neurologia e Psichiatria
 I° cattedra di Neurochirurgia - dir. Prof. R. Delfini
00181, Viale del Policlinico 155, Roma
2005 Licensed Medical Doctor, Italy (Rome),  110/110 with honors
2005 Licence to practice in Italy by the Italian Ministry of health (ordine provinciale dei medici
di Roma n°54868)
2010 Board certified Neurosurgeon, University “Sapienza” of Rome,  70/70 with honors
(prof. R. Delfini)
2010 Winner of Ph.D. course in Neuroscience, University of Rome “Sapienza”

Board certified European spine surgeon, Eurospine foundation

Actual Position:  Assistant neurosurgeon and PhD in Neuroscience – University of Rome
Field of interest:  Anterior and Posterior spine surgery; cranio-cervical junction surgery, pain therapy; minimally invasive and endoscopic spine surgery;  spinal neurooncology, Application of hemocomponents in spine surgery;  spine trauma, neurotraumatology, biomolecular research for bone augmentation
International affiliations
Member of AANS
Member of NASS
Member of EANS
Member of AOSpine
Member of EuroSpine foundation
Member of Sinch
Member of GIS
Member of ArgoSpine
Member of section of vertebral surgery of Sinch
International journals membership:
Member of Science Advisory Board
Member of editorial board of the Journal of Solid Tumors
Member of editorial board of the Journal of Spine
Member of editorial board of the World  Journal of  clinical case conference
Medical School:
University of Rome “Sapienza”, Medicine and Surgery Faculty, Rome, Italy
 Medical Doctor Degree, 110/110 with honors
2000-2005  Intern. Dpt of Neurosurgery, University of Rome “Sapienza”, prof. R. Delfini
Residency in Neurosurgery, Department of Neurosurgery University of Rome
“Sapienza" Rome, Italy. 70/70 with honors
2010-2013  PhD in Neuroscience (3-year course) University of Rome “Sapienza”, Rome, Italy
2010 to now
Neurosurgeon and Spine Surgeon at “Neurosurgery Department" 
Policlinico Umberto I, University of Rome Sapienza
2010 Spine surgery at “Neurological Center of Latium”, Rome, Italy.
2011 Spine surgery at “Madonna delle Grazie Hospital”, Velletri, Italy
2012 Spine surgery at “ARS MEDICA” Hospital, Rome, Italy


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